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by posted 07/08/2020

Good evening, “Bankers” Parents –

Well it was unfortunate that we did not get to play this evening and I hope all of you received my cancellation message prior to heading out to the game.

Just a quick recap of last night’s game, I want to explain a few things on what transpired at the end of the game.  The rules state we cannot start a new full inning when we reach 1 hour and 45 minutes from the start of the game.  The game took longer than usual due to the fact the other only had seven players and we had to rotate our boys in and out. This is why we did not play the 6th and final inning, so to be fair to the Home Team I did not want to just end the game at that moment even though we were winning.  The Home Team, if behind in runs in the 6th inning, always has the opportunity to earn as many runs they can before three outs occur, no five run limit in the 6th inning.  I chose to continue the 5th inning as if it were the 6th, so they had no outs and two boys on base and it was our boy’s job to get three outs and preserve their lead.  I would rather see the boys play, learn the rules and sportsmanship, and work hard for the win!

Again Coach Jon and I are extremely pleased with the boy’s progress and their overall team effort.  We do have a few areas for improvement but things are definitely starting to click. I hope all of them are enjoying the season so far and having fun and learning the game of baseball.

Next week’s games are as follows: Tuesday, July 14th @ 5:45PM (Berchem Moses) and Saturday, July 18th @ 10:00AM (Colony Grill).  Of course both are at Beardsley Field #2 and we are the Home Team for both games!

Please note that Liam and I will not be there for Tuesday’s game, we’ll be on a family vacation that week but back in time for Saturday’s game!  Eric August will be assisting Coach Jon, thank you again Eric for stepping in on my absence.

Good luck Tuesday “Bankers”!

Kind regards,

Coach John

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by posted 07/08/2020

Hello "Bankers" Parents -

Tonights game @ 5:45PM at Beardsley #2 has been 'Cancelled'!

Sorry for the short notice.  The automated system failed to send out a message.

Kind regards,


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Coaches Update #2
by posted 07/06/2020

Hello “Bankers” Parents –

A hope all of you and your families had a Happy & Safe 4th of July!

Tough fight but great baseball game Saturday and unfortunately it ended in defeat for us.

Not one of them should hang their heads low, baseball is a game where anything can happen and the outcome can change quickly but that is why you play hard until the last out.

The boys got to experience a different level of pitching, we had a slow start to the game but came on strong in the 4th & 5th innings.

Too bad there is a 5 run limit per inning because we were on fire in the 5th and probably would have tacked on a couple more runs!

A positive note is that we will play the same Team this Wednesday for a rematch!

Overall Coach Jon and I are proud of how the boys are playing, they are staying focused and still aggressive at the plate and not afraid to swing.

Infielders & Outfielders continue to do their jobs, improvement on backing up 2nd & 3rd on throw downs from the catcher.

We need to work on understanding what to do in specific situations and not to throw the ball around in the infield. This proves to be costly and we give up unearned runs. This comes with maturity and keeping tracking on how many outs there are and what to do with the ball when it is in their hands.

This week we have two games (remember show up time is 30 minutes prior to game time): Tuesday, July 7th @ 5:45PM (Colony Grill) and Wednesday, July 8th @ 5:45PM (Berchem Moses). Note: All of our games are played at Beardsley Field #2.

Please let me know ASAP if your son is unable to attend either of these games.  Thank you.

P.S. We have been doing a good job as a Team following the social distancing guidelines but I will address the issue of others entering our dugout.  Players only and a max of two players in the dugout, I had to remind the boys in the bullpen area to not congregate. If any of you see something that needs to be addressed please bring it to my attention immediately. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Coach John

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