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Mustangs Travel Baseball

Season: Mid-January through Mid-June. September through October

Monroe's youth travel baseball programs are organized under the Amateur Athletic Union ("AAU") and for players that are looking for a competitive baseball experience.  

Key points to note about the spring season include:

  1. Any player playing travel baseball must also play youth baseball (see separate tab above). Schedules will be coordinated so that there is a minimum amount of conflict between both programs so as to work to ensure all players can participate in both travel and recreational games.
  2. Pitch counts will be maintained and monitored across both travel and recreational play so as to ensure players are not over extended while playing on both travel and recreational teams. Managers off teams will have access to all pitch count information so they can be informed as to who will be eligible to pitch for their games.
  3. Travel baseball is a full-time commitment and players must attend all games and practices unless an absence is cleared with the head coach. There may be games and practices over April break so if you are planning on being away over the April break, please let the coach know.

The teams play other town travel teams and AAU teams located throughout the State of Connecticut. Games are expected to be played primarily in New Haven, CT. 

Players can expect to either have a game or practice 4 days per week, depending on their game schedule.  If a baseball activity is scheduled for a day and there is rain or a game is canceled for any reason there will still be baseball activities that take place that day either indoors or outside.  Players are required to attend all games and practices.  Any absences must be cleared with the head coach.  Player rosters will be selected via tryout. 

Monroe Mustangs

Teams plays on 50/70 dimension fields. (10U teams play on 46/70 fields.) Players will also be taught the nuances of the positions they will most likely play in games as well as situational play. Playing winning baseball will also be a focus. Strength and conditioning training begins in December with winter clinics beginning in January with games running from April 1-June 15th. Games may be played over the April school break. Games are typically played on Fridays, Saturday late afternoon/evening and Sundays. Separate evaluations may be performed prior to the announcement of the teams depending upon the number of players registering to participate. The roster size will be approximately 12 players but in no case more than 13 players in order to maximize playing time.


Summer Route 84 Travel Baseball


Season: mid-June through July (After the Spring Season ends)

Information to be provided at a future date.


Fall Baseball Season


Season: September through October