Monroe Travel Baseball

Program Overview

Monroe Travel Baseball is a non-profit baseball organization run by volunteers.  The mission of Monroe Travel baseball is to advance player development through competition against top level travel programs throughout the State of Connecticut.  We offer programs from U9 up to U12

While Monroe Travel Baseball is focused primarily on player development, the nature of travel baseball dictates that there is more of an emphasis on winning and competition than may be found in the Monroe Little League program.  This combination of player development and competition provides our children with the opportunity to learn, grow, succeed and have fun on the field. 

The level of competition varies by age group.  Because this is a travel team, roster spots and playing time are determined by performance at tryouts, practice and in games.

Please keep in mind that all of our coaches are volunteers and are not paid for their time.  The donation of their time allows us to offer a competitive program with a high level of coaching while maintaining reasonable prices for our families.



-        Rosters will be determined by coaches, travel coordinator and neutral evaluators.

-        Rosters will be approximately 12 players per team (although certain age levels may carry more)


·       12u and 11u - $1100 per player (split into 3 payments)    

·       10u- $950 per player (split into 3 payments)

·       9u- $850 per player (split into 3 payments) 

                             *** subject to change and price in registration controls***

 Player fees include the following:

Winter Workouts:

late January through late March 

·        2 Indoor team workouts per week for 10 weeks 

·       1 weeknight session at D-Bat in Trumbull and 1 weekend session- likely a weekend afternoon at Newtown Youth Academy 

Spring Season:

        Approx. April 4th through June 14th  

·        1 practice per week

·        16-20 total games (possibly 1 game on certain weeks for U9) in the East Shore Travel Baseball League

·        Tournaments- TBD

*** all costs related to tournament travel are separate from registgration fee***


·       Uniforms

-        home and away jersey,

-        2 pairs of pants (u9 may receive one)

-        hat,

-        Practice t-shirt, sweatshirt and/or pullover.



weekend of September 23, 30th or October 7th

  • All Players must tryout to make a team
  • Roster spot on a prior year's team does not guarantee a spot for this season
  • Rosters may be as small as 12 players per team


 Additional Information:

*All Monroe Travel Baseball players must register for and participate in Monroe Little League.   

* Reinstitued for 2024:   A player may not skip a Monroe Little League game on a game day and play in a Monroe Travel Baseball game that same day unless the absence is excused by the Monroe Travel Baseball Coordinator in writing in advance of game day.  Example:  If a player misses a Monroe Little League game on Saturday morning, he is ineligible to play Monroe Travel Baseball that afternoon.

* Players participating in Monroe Travel Baseball are expected to commit to playing in each scheduled game.  While conflicts arise, teams are assembled based upon an assumption that the full roster is available for each game. However, emergencies do occur and in the event one should arise it is expected that the parents will communicate that with the manager. Conflicts with other sports are not considered emergencies.  If your child will be playing multiple sports in the Spring 2022, please relay this to us at the time of tryouts. 

*  There is no minimum playing time and/or minimum at-bats per game.  Coaches, particularly at older levels, may bat only nine players per game and players may stay in set fielding positions.  Performance dictates playing time. 

*  Selection to a Monroe Travel Baseball team has no bearing upon selection for post-season Little League District All-Stars or the Monroe 9 year-old tournament team.

* Players will be expected to sign a commitment/code of conduct when selected for a team. Our players are a reflection of our league as a whole and good sportsmanship is required.

*All Monroe Travel teams participate in the East Shore Travel Baseball League. All game scheduling is handled by the East Shore.  Games are typically played on Friday nights, Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Games are located throughout the Connecticut (West Hartford and Old Lyme are the longest trips). Schedules often change without input from Monroe Travel Baseball.  Home games are played at Beardsley Field or Wolfe Park.

*U11 and U12 Teams play on a 50/70 dimension fields

*U10 teams play 46/70

*U9 Play 46/60

 *Travel Baseball (AAU) uses the May 1st Birthday cutoff

U12 players must be born on or after May 1st 2011 and before September 1, 2012

U11 Players must be born on or after May 1st 2012 and before September 1, 2013

U10 Players must be born on or after May 1st 2013 and before September 1, 2014

U9 Players must be born on or after May 1st 2014 and before September 1, 2015

* play ups are generally not permitted and are by invite only, particularly in the event where there are already enough players to field a team at the level the player is seeking to play up to

* Because Monroe Travel Baseball must pay for uniforms, tournaments and practice space prior to the season commencing, in the event there is a shutdown of leagues or facilities ( for example due to a worldwide pandemic), a portion of your fee may be non-refundable.  However, Monroe Travel Baseball will use every effort to ensure that we recover the maximum amount of monies possible should that happen.

Should you have any questions regarding Monroe Travel Baseball please contact:

Ron Bianco